Our objectives

  • To give special attention for everyone especially the gifted and creative people

  • To disseminate the culture of creativity among the local community

  • To uncover the outstanding creative abilities in different age groups

  • To guide everyone including the talented and gifted how to obtain the necessary expertise for the creative process

  • To strengthen individual experiences and to guide them to the best path

  • To communicate with local and international institutions who are interested in the creative process at all levels

  • To invest the creative potential of young people to develop and promote the community

  • To strengthen the scientific connection between the Center and the relevant educational institutions to promote working in this important field

  • To develop strategies for the development of individuals of different age groups and their creative fileds

  • To participate in raising interest in the gifted and talented

  • To participate in increasing the culture of the needs of the gifted and talented and how to take care of them

  • To participate in raising awareness among parents about the characteristics of the gifted and talented and the methods of parental care

  • To participate in raising the efficiency of teachers in the field of education especially with the gifted and talented and to introduce them to ways of developing the thinking among students of different categories all age groups

  • To hold meetings, seminars and specialised training courses
in the field of the gifted and talented individuals